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Background Artist!

2009-11-27 23:17:51 by WoodspeakStudios

Re: Herakles.

A background artist is needed to work with me on this project.
As you can see from The Tomb, I have some skill with character animation, which has improved alot since then, and some skill in character design.

But, I have little-to-no skill in background design or art.
This would be a big comitment, I cannot promise any revenues because I do not expect to make any. You will be credited as a an artist in the uploads of the series.

Info on the series: Herakles is a series based on the Greek legend about the twelve tasks of Herakles. Each episode (12 of them) will contain a single task as well as a continual story arc containing the struggles of Herakles against his nemisises; Hera, Pelops and the possessed Iolaus.
The series will feature a fully realised script (written by Hamish Wood, writer of The Tomb) as well as character design and animation by Hamish Wood.
The series will be released in 12 installments over 12 weeks during the latter part of 2010. Auditions for voice roles will open soon.

So, if you can commit yourself to being a background artist for this project, send me an email containing a couple of backgrounds you have designed and anything else that you think will help me help you.
One last note: I would like the backgrounds to be DIGITAL PAINTINGS, in a similar style to those in most Anime, but beggars can't be choosers, so long as I think it suits my style and the mood of the series, you're on.

See some of the concepts of characters/creatures on my deviantart:

HERAKLES: A series.

2009-08-22 07:53:30 by WoodspeakStudios

Creating a flash series based on the 12 tasks of Herakles in the same style as the Tomb/300. Now is the time to pipe if you can/would like to contribute something to the series, I plan to have it in "production" by mid September/October.

At the moment I'm after anyone who can do a score for the series, and of course voice actors for the few speaking roles. More about the series in the coming weeks.


The Tomb!

2009-06-28 03:25:09 by WoodspeakStudios

It's coming THIS WEDNESDAY! Be prepared.

The Tomb!

2009-04-27 07:53:55 by WoodspeakStudios

Hi Newgroundsers!

Sorry it's been a while, I've been focusing on my DeviantArt and neglecting this page..BUT! GOOD NEWS!

Despite major setbacks, including an entire wiping of my C Drive, the Tomb is well on the way. I'm making a tentative release date at the end of May. Untill then, enjoy some concept art!

The Tomb!

"The Tomb" coming soon

2008-07-13 08:26:42 by WoodspeakStudios

Well, my first submission to Newgrounds is about 40% complete. It's a zombie mashing animation, with gas masks...and swastikas.